011 – For the Executive Listener

The Anointing of Jesus
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Few people have enough time to dive into a complete series of video lessons or plough through a bunch of podcasts so, I wanted to record one short podcast to provide a brief, concentrated “executive summary” of what “A Faith that Obeys” is all about.

At “A Faith that Obeys,” we believe the Bible presents a clearly defined plan of salvation. This plan, God’s Plan, was established in 33 AD and has not changed nor can it change. The plan is still alive today and we should still be following that plan if we want to follow Jesus scripturally. I call this plan, “The Biblical Plan of Salvation.”

Now, there is a problem. A new plan developed over the last few hundred years which has become what I call, “The Modern Plan” or “The Traditional Plan of Salvation.” This plan is taught in almost every evangelical church today. When people hear about Jesus and are willing to make a life-long commitment to Him, it is at this critical point in their spiritual journey, the traditional plan is promoted as “the way” to be saved.

I created “A Faith that Obeys” to help people spot the difference between these two plans, and explain how the Biblical Plan of Salvation differs so greatly from a plan they may have followed. I want to challenge people to dig into the scriptures, so they can decide, for themselves which plan makes sense. I do this through a series of 11 short video lessons which can be watched at www.afaiththatobyes.org.

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002 – Let’s Start an Argument

Let’s start an argument!

A Pillow Fight is an argument without any emotion except joy!
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I am not suggesting the kind of heart ripping, character trashing, irrational, sort of emotional argument like cranky lover’s have. Let’s start an argument like Plato, Socrates, Aristotle or Jesus might have had. Let’s start one of those amazing arguments which ultimately leads us both down a path toward deeper, richer discoveries of truth, beauty and wisdom… a grand argument of enlightenment!

Remember how Jesus did it? An issue was raised and all he needed to do was ask one question to get the rolling ball halted in its tracks. 

“But what about you… who do YOU say I am?” 

“Whose inscription is on this coin?” 

“Tell me, John’s baptism… was it from God or from men?” 

A Cleverly Crafted Question

Wow! A good presupposition can sure crumble under the scrutiny of a clever question! In fact, really good arguments may be more about crafting the question than presenting your position! A carefully crafted, sharpened to a fine point question… at just the right time… makes us think… makes us reconsider… and if we’re humble enough, makes us surrender our weaker positions.

Let’s have the kind of argument which so strongly embraces our shared quest of drawing closer to our mysterious and majestic God, that it forms a bond between us… so strong; nothing will ever tear us apart! Let’s forge such an indomitable relationship that the rusty ol’ gates of that ancient abyss will rattle with fear! 
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001 – Delicate Beginnings

“A beginning is the time for taking the most delicate care that the balances are correct.”

Dune - A great book with lots of spiritual parallels!With this statement, Frank Herbert launches his fantastic, now quintessential epic science fiction series, “Dune.”

For me, no other tale paints such an on-target caricature of modern society, with all of it’s delicate and intricate interplays between, religion, politics, economics and the sinful heart of mankind. Herbert’s universe is boiling over with intrigue, plans within plans, amazing beauty, wild imagination, heroes and villains… lot’s of villains… lords, leviathans, and love.

But, at the heart of it all… at its core… lies humanity’s ultimate contest; the battle with a fallen human nature, scraping and cunning to get all it can get and all for itself. Even the noblest of heroes in Herbert’s story, are not immune to the affects of this corruption.

As I write this, I am not unaware that I live in a world similar, in many ways, to the Dune universe. We all share the impact of that ultimate human tragedy; man’s inhumanity to man, the result of our sin stricken hearts.

“A Faith that Obeys” steps into this fray with a tiny hope that together, we might bring some logic, reason, understanding and wisdom to a world missing the greatest gift ever given it, The Plan… a detailed map out of the mess. We have held The Plan in our hands for nearly 2000 years but sadly, it is ignored, twisted, misconstrued and flouted as a path to self serving riches.

Never has such gross negligence been laid upon the back of such a priceless yet humble gift.

Beginnings are a very delicate time. They lay the foundation for all which will come after. They build upon cherished history and the wisdom of those giants who have come before us. My prayer is that for all I am about to do… all I am about to undertake, the foundation I build will be strong enough to endure, supple enough to permit remodeling and beautiful enough to attract a wonderful person like you to join us in these lively discussions.

Together, we will bend space and time. We will build bridges and repair ancient foundations. We will agree. We will disagree. We will find truth. We will humbly challenge error… including our own!

In our quest to discover and celebrate The Plan, let’s agree to be unified that Jesus is the Christ, The Messiah and our diligent seeking will always be done in such a way as to honor Him and respect one another.

Shall we begin?

Dana Haynes

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